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Since we were established in 2020, our goal at Treasure House Events has been to help our clients realize their unique and personal visions for their weddings and special events. We’re in the business of creating experiences you and your guests will want to remember forever. We believe that every element of your celebration should be special, starting with the venue.
The Treasure House Events Venue is nestled between farm holdings and suburbia in Schaapkraal and the ultra stylish opulence of the venue takes over immediately as you enter the gates. Well maintained gardens and sparkling blue water of the pool calms your senses and you know that you've found the hidden treasure that will set the tone for your special event.

Wedding Table Setting

Need A Mobile Car Wash?

Do you need a car wash before the day of your event? Look no further because WashDoc has the perfect solution for you. Whether it's on the day of the event or before WashDoc has you covered with the best detailing and mobile car wash service in Cape Town.

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